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NovoCPT 2.2.36 Crack PC/Windows

NovoCPT 2.2.36 Crack+ Download [Mac/Win] Key Features Calculate the soil parameters using the nearest-point approach, the direct method, shear wave propagation or Monte Carlo technique. Choose between the standard or the current New Mexico State Formula No. 1, No. 1A, No. 2A or No. 2B equations. Choose between hard or soft-iron-bearing soils. Support dual or single calculations. Calculate each parameter as a function of depth. Choose between high- or low-resolution data. Choose between high- or low-precision calculations. Output results in CSV or MS Excel file formats. Built-in Charts, Validation and Warnings. Data format compatibility: .csv - works with Excel; .xlsx - works with MS Excel; .txt - works with Notepad; .txt or.csv - works with Excel. CPT-Conquest CPT-Conquest is a very simple yet powerful tool developed to calculate the properties of soil, including the consolidation index, permeability and permeability factor. However, in most cases, engineers may use the program to determine the bearing capacity of buried structures, such as pipelines. This software comes with a nice interface that allows you to enter all the data and parameters directly and instantly. In addition, the developers of CPT-Conquest have added a couple of calculators in the main window, such as a possibility to determine the permeability (Pm) of a soil/soil-rock material. With this tool, you can also establish the permeability of a soil by using the project defined permeability factor (Bm) and the unit area (St) along with the calculation of a permeability factor by using the method of area weighting (Bw). CPT-Conquest is offered in 4 different editions: Professional - It includes the following calculations: Field Density Permeability Permeability Factor Commercial - It includes the following calculations: Bearing Capacity Consolidation Index Personal - It includes the following calculations: Bearing Capacity Consolidation Index NovoCPT Free Download CPT Advanced NovoCPT Crack Keygen CPT Advanced is a powerful software designed to help engineers carry out CPT calculations with great ease. It is available in two editions: Professional and Commercial. As stated above, this software can perform a large range of calculations, such as determining the consolidation NovoCPT 2.2.36 PC/Windows NoVO CPT calculates the following parameters of the selected type of soil: * Friction angle, Phi (Phi) * Relative density, rho (rho) * Unit weight, psi (psi) * Fine content, % * Shear strength Su (Su) * Sand coefficient of cohesion cC (cC) * Clay coefficient of cohesion cK (cK) * Water content, % * Fines content, % * Undrained static modulus of elasticity, PE (PE) * Water stress index, S (S) * Area load, Fc (Fc) * Friction angle of normal stress, PhiN (PhiN) * Collapse modulus, Kc (Kc) * Hydrolytic stability * Parameters of the overconsolidation ratio, OCR (OCR) * Shear stiffness, Su(S) * Shear coefficient, Sc (Sc) * Hydrostatic soil strength, Sz (Sz) * Maximum slope, STm (STm) * Maximum water content of saturated soil, Sh * Determined soil type (clay or sandy) Usage notes: 1. The initial directory of the program can be set up using the Open dialog box. 2. The specification of the working directory should be selected using the Working directory edit box. 3. For all of the calculations, a text file of the text format should be created, and the specified file directory can be selected in the Save as file edit box. 4. The following parameters are optional: Friction angle, Phi (Phi) 5. For a convenient calculation experience, the program automatically loads the necessary data and graphical elements. 6. The entered data can be saved into a text file using the Save as text edit box. 7. The following components can be managed in the Units and Geometric items tab: 1. Units: The type of the numerical units (L, mm, m, in., M, kPa, MPa and W) should be specified in the Units edit box. 2. Geometric: The width, length and the depth of the soil sample should be entered in the Geometric items tab. 3. Additional: The option of retaining the positive and negative numbers of the entered values should be checked in the Additional options edit box. 8e68912320 NovoCPT 2.2.36 Crack+ Keygen Free Download Keymacro is a software program developed by McElfresh Associates for the analysis of waste-saturated soil and shale. Its main objective is to assist engineers in determining the setting back distance for landfill slopes. However, the procedure could also be used to calculate the soil parameters such as shear strength Su, sand friction angle Phi, unit weight, fines content and shear wave velocity, for instance. Moreover, you can choose to define your own soil parameters by dragging and dropping relevant layers. You can also use the auxiliary files provided with the program in order to specify the new measures. Other features of Keymacro are as follows: Visualize models: Using the images provided, you can also examine the soil model in 3D. Therefore, the dimensions of the walls can be defined according to the set-back and you can alter the relative position of the walls in the design. Calculate models: Keymacro allows you to calculate the maximum pressure, sand or asphalt units. Also, you can view the image of the calculated models. Save models: You can save your models and publish them, if required. Save or plot graphs: You can also create graphs and save them if needed. …measurement depth L measured from the topsoil L0 in the case of fresh surfaces, and the upper end of the bed or the shear …abundance or percentage of fines content, ratio of sand to clay, depth of bed, the water content of clay, the elastic modulus of … …the area of the area of the site, the distance to the center, the distance to the edges, the vertical distance from the center, the …the area of the site, the distance to the center, the distance to the edges, the vertical distance from the center, the … …soils, the depth of soil in the base of the slope. Additional data for the slope configuration includes the slope position angle, …the difference between the established geotechnical parameters and the measured ones, and the difference between the established … …the thickness of the base of the slope. Additional data for the slope configuration includes the slope position angle, …the thickness of the base of the slope. Additional data for the slope configuration includes the slope position angle, … …dedicated software. You can also analyze soil strength and calculate other related parameters. The software also allows you …dedicated software. You can also analyze soil What's New In NovoCPT? System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 8 (64-bit) Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit) Mac OS X Linux Android RAM: Minimum of 2 GB of RAM Video Card: Intel HD 4000 Monitor: 1920x1080 minimum Music: Chiptune music is not supported - #1: The password system is a simple password system

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